Syrian Cabinet Resigns

 Mar, 29 - 2011   news

Syrian cabinet resigns today amid ongoing protest against president Bashar al-Assad. The Syrian president has accepted the resignation of the cabinet. “President Assad accepts the government’s resignation,” an announcement on state television said on Tuesday.

Assad has nominated Naji al-Otari, the resigning premier, as caretaker prime minister. The Syrian cabinet enjoys little power as the power is concentrated in the hand of Assad, his family and the security forces. Otari is the premier of the country since 2003.

It is learnt that Assad has asked the 32-member cabinet to take care of the country’s affairs until the formation of a new government, which is expected to be formed in 24 hours. Assad may address the nation today and may announce a decision to abolish emergency laws. The protests in Syria began on March 18 and more than 60 people have died since then, Human Rights Watch has said.

Meanwhile, pro-government supporters have also started protests across the country. Bouthaina Shaaban, the senior adviser to the president, announced a several reform measures last week in order to quell the protest. “One of the key things she said was there are no red lines. Everything is up for negotiations to the president of Syria,” reported Al Jazeera.

The activists alleged that the government is using the emergency to ban the protests. Last week, the authorities announced that they would release political detainees and would soon form new laws on the media and licensing the political parties. Assad has been the president of the country since 2000.

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