Why have a Facebook business page for your business instead of a personal profile?

 Sep, 10 - 2014   Updates

Although most people are aware of the availability of Facebook pages for business, many are still creating personal profiles to represent their business or have not converted their profiles to a business page. It’s very important business owners understand the reason behind owning a Facebook page.

First, Facebook Policy requires everyone to have a Facebook page for business. Any profile representing anything other than an individual person is in violation of Facebook policy. Ignoring this policy could result in your page being taken down along with a ban from Facebook. The last thing you want is to lose all your connections and content not to mention being banned from Facebook for simply making the wrong choice. You may say, “but what about this business I’ve seen representing themselves using a profile page for years?” to that we say, be the one with the integrity and the knowledge to do better.

Having a Facebook Page allows for others to discover your business as your audience will comment, Like, and share content. Falsely representing your business as a person via Facebook profile limits your interactions with those who might find you on Facebook. There are many benefits to business page including:

  • Public access for your content worldwide or in specific regions
  • Engagement with the public
  • Tools to measure engagement and reach your audience further

When you set up your business page be ready to consider how you want to be represented. Are you a local business, company, organization, institution, brand or product, artist, band, public figure, entertainment, cause or community? Facebook will walk you through the different subcategories within these. Consider the vanity URL for your page, AKA Facebook.com/URCOMPANY. This is very important to your brand identity. Although Facebook allows this to be changed once, it is best you settle on a name you will like to have for the long term the first time. There is an option to skip this step until you’re ready to select the name. The page Timeline Cover Image, Profile Image, and description are among some of the first items to add to your page once created. Have these items ready upon page creation working with a professional team.

The same professional team that helps you with images and content may also be able to help you with your strategy for a successful Facebook campaign. Brandamos has a full social media marketing team ready to answer any questions about creating a Facebook Page not to mention we’re ready to develop a full strategy for your success. Tell us about your experience with Facebook pages. If you’re “guilty” of having a profile to represent your business, don’t worry. We’ll help you convert it and get the right settings in place ASAP!

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